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UPVC Locking

UPVC Door Locks Repair

upvc locking glasgow

UPVC Locking

Multipoint locks are usually installed in plastic door also referred to as UPVC. They are long thin and comprise of several small locks which go up the length of the strip. Usually if install on a front door a Multipoint lock is locked by lifting up the handle to engage the locks, but other operations are available.

UPVC Door Lock - Lock Repair

Finding replacement upvc door lock can be hard work if you don't know where to look. You won't find them at the local diy store and more often than not the company who fitted your door will have stopped using the lock you need years ago. Most people simply give in and just buy a new door (costing on average £700)

Broken uPVC door lock?

If your uPVC door lock has broken, is hard to lock or is sticking, we can help you get the problem fixed: with our usual excellent service and affordable charges.

uPVC door lock are frequently damaged by incorrect fitting and seasonal variations in temperature affecting the fit of the door in the frame. If a lock starts to stick, people will often force it locked or unlocked until the delicate internal mechanism suddenly breaks - leaving you with an insecure home and an unexpected cost.

Please don't try to force the handles up or down! Call us right away on 0141 280 1999 and we'll have a much better chance of fixing the problem on the spot.

For uPVC door lock repair, we don't charge hourly rates and will always try to repair the lock before replacing it - leaving you with more money in your pocket.

UPVC Locks

UPVC door lock multipoint locking mechanism

This is main locking mechanism which runs up the edge of your door. They come with a variety of locking points such as deadbolts, hooks, rollers and spring loaded latches and these often come in a variety of combinations, such as rollers on their own, hooks and rollers etc.

UPVC Locking

The main locking mechanism runs for most of the height of the door and is usually gold, silver, white or brown in colour.

Euro cylinder or 'barrel'

This is the small lock in the handles which has a keyhole on the outside and either a keyhole or a knob on the inside.....its purpose is to securely 'lock off' the mechanism when you want the door fully locked. Lock repair - You should change this unit straight away if it starts to get loose or stiff or if you have bought or rented a new home as you never know who has keys to the existing barrel.


Lock Repair

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in lock repair of Upvc door lock problems in your local area. Below are some of the most common jobs undertaken on Upvc door locks..

  • Replacement UPVC Locking Mechanisms when your multipoint locking
  • UPVC locking mechanism has failed or is faulty.
  • Replacement Locks/Cylinders when you want your locks working off a new key, or your lock is faulty.
  • Adjusting Hanging/Closing of Door when your door is not closing properly or is becoming difficult to lock.
  • Fitting Higher Security Cylinders such as "Snap and Bump Resistant" cylinders.
  • Fitting "Thumbturn" Locks when your locks have to work off a thumbturn to comply with fire regulations.
  • Emergency Door Opening Service to gain entry if your door lock or UPVC locking mechanism is faulty or you have lost your keys.

Replacement UPVC Locking Mechanisms

If your UPVC locking door mechanism fails we supply a professional service for fitting a new one for you. Lock repair - There is also no need to worry if your door is shut when it fails, as we are very experienced in opening them quickly and with the minimum fuss.
If your UPVC locking mechanism fails, we aim to have a new one fitted and working on your door within two hours of arriving at your home.
If you have a problem with your UPVC locking door mechanism, phone us now for a free lock repair quote.

LockMaster supply a great range of quality UPVC Locks with many different fixings and sizes, ensuring that all of your UPVC locking requirements are catered for.

GU Ferco have been offering our customers a complete range of construction fittings and security equipment for windows and doors.

Fuhr Multipoint UPVC Locks with an innovative range of products which contains automatic, panic and motorised locks FUHR takes position in the increasing market of comfort and security requirement.

Winkhaus manufacture door locking systems for all the main types of application. All Winkhaus UPVC locks meet the stringent requirements of the major UK Insurance Companies.

Mila has played a leading role in the development of the UPVC locks, window and door market.

MACO has always seen each of its successes as being closely linked to the quality of its products.

Avocet defined the way that UPVC locks, handles and other hardware for the replacement window and door market are bought and sold in the UK. The company identified and established the need for high quality, competitively priced products that customers could purchase quickly and easily.

Fullex supply a wide variety of high quality products creating door hardware solutions they also supply the Multi bolt SL-16 a very popular UPVC Locks.

ERA are at the technological forefront of household/commercial security product design and manufacture.

Millenco was formed to investigate and consequently embark on the design and manufacture of High Security UPVC Locking Systems for the Window and Door Industry.

KFV has generated a multitude of technical achievements, which lock a UPVC door lock safely and comfortably.

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